From an article translated: 

"Aunt Singe is a photographer based in Portland, Oregon, whose work moves in an unusual eroticism based on self-portraits and some sporadic collaborations. Double exposures, excessively grainy or blurred photographs, sensual or directly provocative poses, your captures do not leave you indifferent. Far from the more conventional eroticism, Singe offers us a dark journey where she takes the reins of her own body and feels safe in front of and behind the camera.

We live in a society where sex and eroticism is mainly focused on the male consumer. That perverts and greatly distorts the photographic art in that field. But things are changing little by little, and the woman, more and more conscious and sure of her own body and her sexuality, takes a step forward. The feminine vision in front of and behind the camera possesses soul and life of its own. It is no longer just the image, it is the executor of that image, the approach that comes from a different mind to create a new concept. They are no longer simply the muses to be portrayed, now they are the creators of these muses, and therefore, they lead that creation to where they decide.


Aunt Singe is a pseudonym, a pseudonym that comes from a family member of the Adams family burned for witchcraft in Salem. And this already indicates in a certain way the path that the artist has taken. Without fear. Aunt Singe feels comfortable in her distorted black and white photographs, although she does not shy away from color either. Her characters are not always solitary, sometimes she photographs herself with other women who, as if they were soulmates, accompany her on this naked journey into her own world, a difficult world where Aunt Singe comes back to life to carve out her own destiny. And that destiny does not go through an easy and "pretty" photograph."

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